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Our Services

Blue Splash Pool Service offers full service repairs and supplies on all residential pools.

  • No service contracts! Only Service Level Agreements that indicate what YOU want us to perform on an "as needed" basis. An example of authorization would be for extra chemicals, equipment repairs, and/or replacement of pool parts. We'll send you an information packet, you select your desired service/repair levels, sign it, and return it to us!

Here's what a typical service visit looks like from start to finish...

  • Check chemical balance of pool.
  • Turn on and examine equipment.
  • Cleaning of salt system cell (if applicable, and on an as needed schedule
  • Recharge the D.E. filter with diatomaceous earth (if applicable)
  • Skim pool surface (and, vacuum when necessary).
  • Brush pool walls.
  • Examine and adjust auto cleaning system.
  • Empty skimmer baskets.
  • Adjust and maintain equipment (backwash, empty pump basket).
  • Lubrication of o-rings, unclogging impellers, or adjusting valves.
  • Implement chemicals.
  • Leave service slip indicating time and type of service.

This type of routine may vary from pool to pool. Additional fees may be required on some of these services. Some of these required tasks may include...

  • Cleaning of cartridge filters or D.E. elements. (Rate depends on size of filters and/or elements. ($40.00-$90.00 per cleaning.)
  • Periodic repairs and/or replacement of equipment.

Our company is flexible and can adapt to any client's requests.

Blue Splash Pool Service can expertly detect, diagnose, and repair problems with your pool equipment.

  • Plumbing leaks? Water leaking from the PVC allows air into system, which decreases water flow to the pool. In turn, extra chemicals are needed to maintain the correct water chemistry and clarity.
  • Motor making loud noise or won't turn on? Bearings or seals are the major culprits in faulty motors. Proper maintenance, leak-free systems, and proper drainage will prolong the life of pump motors.
  • Filter returning debris or sand to the pool? A faulty filter not only causes improper filtration necessary for the water, but also can damage cleaning systems. We can repair all kind of manufacturer.
  • Cleaning system not performing correctly? A properly functioning cleaning system not only helps keep the pool clean, but prevents staining of the surface. We repair all types of in-floor systems (A&A, Caretaker, Paramount), suction systems (Hayward Pool Vac, Hayward Navigator, Sta-Rite Pool Sharks, etc) and pressure systems (Polaris series, Hayward Phantom, etc).
  • Heater not heating? Heaters need proper water flow and correct water chemistry. If this is not achieved, corrosion of heater components will result. We can expertly diagnose
  • Is your pool green? Or, having trouble keeping it clear? One or more of the above-mentioned problems could be contributing to this problem. We can salvage most pool chemistry problems as long as the equipment is functioning and properly fitted. Proper water flow and filtration are the key ingredients to healthy water.

Other repairs and installs we perform include...
  • Acid washes
  • Tile & Pebble Tec calcium removal.
  • Salt system installation and repair.
  • Electrical, including timers and automated controls.
  • Pool light repair and replacement.
  • Valve repair and replacement.
  • Pool paint
  • Safety cover
  • Ladders
  • Polaris


Having a pool correctly inspected can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

In many cases, problems with equipment can't be seen. And, some home inspection companies WILL NOT correctly diagnose equipment problems. We strongly advise realtors and potential home purchasers to have a through pool inspection.

Here's an example of a typical inspection...

  • Check chemical balance of pool water, and provide solutions to problem water chemistry.
  • Check for proper operation of pump, filter, heater, automatic cleaner, salt systems, and all other important components of the pool equipment.
  • Check for plumbing leaks, operational valves, and proper configurations.
  • Check pool/spa light.
  • Check automated controls and timers.
  • Check integrity of pool deck, coping, and tile.
  • Check integrity of pool surface.
  • Check for proper electrical wiring and components.

Call or e-mail us today to discuss repairs, an inspection, remodel or our custom maintenance programs.