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At Blue Splash Pool Service, we’re not just about keeping your residential and commercial pools crystal clear and in perfect working order; we’re in the business of turning your pool areas into oases of relaxation and enjoyment. With over a decade of experience in the pool service industry, we’re excited to introduce a new addition to our repertoire: expert paver and landscaping services. Now, in addition to our top-tier pool maintenance and repair, we can transform your poolside space into a captivating, inviting landscape where you can unwind, entertain, and create lasting memories. Discover the perfect synergy of aquatic bliss and picturesque outdoor living with Blue Splash.

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Popular Services We Offer

Pool Cleaning

Blue Splash ensures your pool stays clean and inviting with regular maintenance, handling debris removal, chemical balance, and equipment upkeep.

Pool Repair & Leak Detection

Blue Splash swiftly diagnoses and repairs pool issues, keeping your pool and equipment in excellent shape.

Paver &

Blue Splash transforms your pool area with pavers, landscaping, and hardscaping for an appealing outdoor space.

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